A snapshot in time...

The ability to accept and embrace change is one of the benefits of seasonal living.

Because the simple fact is… we change.  And that change can sometimes feel disempowering.  But if we’re able to step powerfully forward into change, rather than harboring fear about it or allowing it to make us feel powerless, we can create the foundation for having everything we want and need in our lives!

Every new season is an opportunity to observe our own expansion and contraction.  But in order to do this we need to engage in active awareness and documentation creating a baseline of who we are in order to more clearly see who we were and who we’re becoming.

This snapshot in time provides a context for future recognition of our growth and transformation.

Lesson 2 exercise:

Create a profile of who you are right now in this spring season...

Physical State - Your physical experience of the world...

Make note of:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Hair color, texture and thickness
  • Any existing aches, pains or imbalances (issues with sleep, colds/flu, etc.)

Use just a few sentences to describe yourself physically and your current physical experience of the world (are you feeling strong, weak, light, heavy, etc.)


Mental/Emotional State - The world inside...

In just a few sentences how would you describe your current mental state (foggy, clear, aggitated, engaged, anxious, excited, stressed, etc.).

What, if any, mental emotional challenges are present?


Routine - Your daily activities...

Briefly describe your current daily routine or any activities that you carry out on a regular basis.


  • What time you wake in the morning
  • What activities you undertake for self-care, exercise, interaction with family, friends and others
  • What time you go to sleep at night (and the quality of your sleep)


Diet - How are you feeding yourself

Describe your current diet and what you eat on a typical day including…

  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and any snacks.
  • The times of day that you have your meals
  • Any rituals around eating and
  • A simple description of your typical eating environment and how you take your meals (i.e. at your desk, in the car, sitting down at a table, outside, etc.)


Environment - The world around you...

Take a moment just to notice your surroundings…  Your home and work environments, your kitchen, bathroom,  bedroom and desk.

Provide a brief description of your spaces and how they impact your state of mind and body.


This information will provide a baseline for you to revisit at some point in the future.  Creating it will give you perspective around who you are today and how what you eat, how you move, what you do every day and the environment you do it in, informs everything about you.  Awareness of this is THE MOST POWERFUL foundation for creating lasting lifestyle changes that make a difference.