What's YOUR thing?

Ayurveda believes that your natural state is enduring vitality and that you have within you the wisdom and knowledge to make the choices that will lead you back to health and happiness.

But if this is actually true, then you have to wonder why vibrant health so often feels more like the exception than the rule.  

The simple answer is that we all have things that get in the way of us being our healthiest, most balanced expression of ourselves.  We’ve all got people, places, ideas and emotions that stop us every day or every once in awhile.... self limiting beliefs, realistic or unrealistic fears, distractions, the needs of others, bad weather, good weather, whatever it may be, one of the main reasons these things are so effective in stopping us in our tracks is that we don’t tend to be consciously aware of them.

Awareness is the key.

And if at least one of your goals for this season is to achieve your goals, then before we get too far down the track it makes sense to take a little time to develops some awareness of the two key factors contributing to your current state of healthy balance:

  • What stops you; and
  • What feeds you.

Lesson 3 exercise:

Over the next couple of days, take some time to get present and clear about what's feeding you in this season and what's holding you back. Make a list of everything you can think of that's getting in the way of you feeling happy and balanced right now,  or that usually disturbs the peace in your mind and your body this time of year. 

For example:  Hay fever, Cold, rainy weather, The yearly family reunion planning, big project at work, etc. etc. And now for the fun part... Knowing what keeps you going whether it be your favorite cup of tea or a call with a friend is THE SECRET to balance and bliss (and something we so rarely pay any attention to).  So now's your time to dive into your soul food...

Take some time over the next couple of days to make a list of everything that's currently making you feel strong and alive.  The foods, the people, experiences, places, things.  Include in that list the specific things that feed your soul during spring.

For example:  Seeing flowers everywhere, warmer weather, fresh locally grown fruits, spring vacation, etc. etc.